Payment in SV refectories

Important: Your UNIcard cannot be usedfor consumptions in the 'Universitätsspital Basel'(e.g. Centro/Centrino). You have still to use your old staff batch.

Your UNIcard can be used for cashless payment in the SV refectories of the University Basel. You have first to load money onto your UNIcard with Polyright Cashless. Please follow the instructions under Loading money to UNIcard.

Applying you UNIcard on the card reader at the SV cashier desk, the cashier automatically identifies your applicable price for student (imprint 'S'), staff (imprint 'M') or external (imprint 'E').

Your available balance on your UNIcard will allow you to pay the consumption. Partial payments with the UNIcard and cash or Twint are not possible. After applying the UNIcard to the reader for pricing validation, you can still pay by cash or Twint.

Applying the UNIcard on the reader is facultative (optional). Without applying your UNIcard to the reader, your UNIcard ID is used as photo identification for pricing validation. Applying the UNIcard to the reader helps to speed up the payment process with cash and Twint. 

For privacy reasons, no personal information is stored at SV and at Polyright Cashless beside your provided personal account informations for the Cashless account . The use of the UNIcard serves to quickly determine the correct discount for students or employees. In case of a UNIcard payment your consumptions are registered at Polyright Cashless (amount/date/place but no product detail) and can be viewed there with your personal Cashless account (Web Browser or Cashless App).

Payment of printer and copier output (UNIprint)

Payment of printer and copier output with the UNIcard (UNIprint) will be available during spring 2019.