Activating / Updating the UNIcard

  • When the ID card is inserted into a UNIcard station for the first time, the card is activated. For staff, the card expiry date is printed on the rewritable strip and for card holders with dual roles, the current semester and a calculated semester end date (semester end date + 60 days).
  • Inserting an activated UNIcard will effect an update and potentially an adjustment of the validity date on the rewritable strip
  • Updating the UNIcard for a new validity date can take place earliest 30 days before the printed current validity date. Updating the UNIcard before, will print again the old validity date.

UNIcard station locations

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UNIcard Station Ansicht

Important: New location at Rosental Area!

  1. University Main Building (two stations) - main entry
  2. University Library - foyer 1st Floor
  3. BioZentrum - entry
  4. Rosental Area - entry Mattenstrasse 28
  5. Jacob Burckhardt Building - entry WWZ
  6. DBE Allschwil - foyer 3rd floor (not indicated on the map)