Change of personal details

Will I receive a new UNIcard if I report a change of name to Human Resources?

No. Changes of personal data can be done by using the Online-Services portal ( - there will not automatically being printed a new card.

A new UNIcard costs CHF 25, regardless of whether it is required due to loss of a card, theft, a name change or a civil status change.

If the UNIcard was issued more than four years ago, you may request a new one free of charge, regardless of whether there has been a change to your personal details.

I would like a UNIcard with a new photo. What can I do?

In order to update a UNIcard photo, staff must submit a new photo to the human resources administration office. You may then request a new card for a fee of CHF 25.

If the UNIcard is older than four years, the replacement is issued free of charge.