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With the "UNIcard" employees and students with employment (assistant assistants) have the possibility to choose whether they want to print or copy to their cost center or to their private budget when printing and copying at the printer. Students without employment only have the private budget at their disposal.

The costs for university use are charged to the respective cost center of the employing organizational unit. In the case of multiple employments, the amounts are divided according to the respective degree of employment.

If costs are generated via the private budget, the following rates apply:



    DIN A4 per page: CHF 0.10
    DIN A3 per page: CHF 0.15

Colour printing

    DIN A4 per page: CHF 0.50
    DIN A3 per page: CHF 1.00


    Free of charge

UNIprint was designed to be used university-wide and to replace local printing solutions. This will be done in cooperation with the administrative management, the managing directors and the IT service centres.

Employees can print business documents via UNIprint. The costs are then charged internally. Details are known to  the administrative management, the managing directors and the IT service centres.

Students with employment (assistants) are treated in the UNIprint as equal as employees.

Duck jobs remain in the UNIprint system for 72 hours. This means that printouts can be collected even after a longer period of time (e.g. after the weekend).

No, for technical and organisational reasons, for university use only the personal UNIcard can be printed and copied.

Managers can assign the right "Print to UNIprint cost center" to any person via GF-GUI. The costs are then charged to the respective cost centre of the management.

A solution for private individuals will be implemented together with the UNicard project and the University Library. Further information will be published on this page: PRINTcard for individuals

In April 2019, the managing directors and computer managers were informed in detail about the changes. If you need this information but have not received it, please contact the ITS ServiceDesk and ask for it to be forwarded:


ITS ServiceDesk
Spitalstrasse 41
4056 Basel

Tel: +41 61 207 14 11


The distribution of the new UNIprint printers on computers / workstations at the University of Basel is the responsibility of the respective IT service centres or computer managers. For students and employees without a "managed client" you will find the instructions here:


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The UNIprint devices are devices of the company "Canon". A UNIprint device usually has a label at the front with the device name (UP-xxx, where x stands for a number).

Furthermore, all UNIprint devices have a uniform start screen.


Here you can find a location list

Anleitung Papier

Please check the page settings of the document.

The definition of the paper size, paper feed, etc. in the document itself often leads to unwanted results. Please use the printer's print settings to finalize the document.

With the changeover to the new UNIprint, the old card will no longer work. If it is not used elsewhere, the card can be disposed, or handed in at a walk-in desk or the ITS ServiceDesk.Existing credit balances of students and employees were transferred automatically as far as possible. If the automatic transfer has not taken place, the credit can be transferred for a limited period after the changeover at a so-called "walk-in desk". Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


Here you will find locations and opening hours for walk-in desks.



If the old UNIprint card is used as access medium for the libraries, it may only be disposed of or returned after consultation with the responsible persons of the respective library. The transfer of access rights from the old UNIprint card to the UNIcard is a separate project.

Please refer to the information for:

Staff under Staff / UNIcard loss / replacement

Students under  Students / UNIcard loss / replacement